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 To My Brothers in Arms (a thanks for all the memories)

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PostSubject: To My Brothers in Arms (a thanks for all the memories)   Thu 13 Mar 2014, 9:04 pm

Dear all,

If you are reading this then chances are you can relate to the contents of this post. Many years ago i started a journey i now look upon with sadness and very fond memories. It all started while playing Resistance: Fall of Man shortly upon release in a game of Capture the Flag where i was matched with two people who i never realized would make such an impact on my future both as a gamer and as a person. They immediately stood out to me, they were both friendly and were the first two people i had ever had a pleasant experience and communication with but who were they? Rickwesty and Redfield666. I wanted to join their clan almost instantly however i never met minimum joining requirements, rick continued to play with me for many weeks until i was almost at the stage of joining unfortunately while being only 2 or 3 ranks away, the minimum requirements was raised and yet rick continued to play along side me and we grinded hard until eventually i made it. My determination was apparently my test, and only then had i realized '[666] Join us or be Damned' was not your every day clan, but one who prided itself on a roster of pedigree and dedication, and a friendly persona it was no ordinary clan it was like a family and one i will never forget.

Playing alongside so many friends who you could really connect with and have such a great time with its something over the past 7 years ive never really forgotten about which is what makes me look back and feel rather sombre about it all. In the past years ive never really found a gaming family or a clan quite like it and im probably never likely to, it made me a better person and i have become a much better gamer as a result. It's sad to see what has become of what was a well respected name, clan and family and for the the many years of duty i thank each and everyone of you who i may have gamed with, spoke with or briefly encountered in the late night chatroom this is for you all wherever you now decide to call home im sure we all have a part of the 666 in us all. In no particular order i'd like to personally mention a few names from when i joined who i specifically have very fond memories of:

JTKAT (cant remember spelling)

Don't worry if i haven't specifically mentioned you, my memory is terrible, but id like to thank each and everyone of you for being apart of this family and making it what it was for the many years of its life. Kudos to you, who knows maybe we'll meet again.



Recently switched to xbox but u can still find me on psn

PSN: Gibb039
Gamertag (360): Pabby91 (Main console)
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To My Brothers in Arms (a thanks for all the memories)
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